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At Plastiandino we contribute to this value chain for
help those who need it most.

At the beginning of 2019, the REDBdA, together with the company Simplot Argentina, started working on a project to recover the clippings of potatoes that do not have the length required to be marketed but are perfectly suitable for consumption, from the implementation of a continuous recovery system in the production line.

The program, which became a reality this year in the midst of the pandemic, is presented as a Corporate Social Responsibility alternative with a triple impact: it reduces hunger(Objective 2 of the SDGs), collaborates with the responsible use of resources (Goal 12 of the SDGs) and promotes the creation of alliances between the private sector and civil society (Goal 17 of the SDGs).

The Alchemy Program is made up of several links, each link is a company that donates supplies and/or services. 

The links of the Alchemy Program: the participating Companies and donors of supplies or services:

· Simplot (product donation, cold storage and minor supplies)

· Plastiandino (bag donation)

· Cartocor (box donation)

· Transportation (logistics donation)

· Transportation (logistics donation)

· Argentine Network of Food Banks (in charge of receiving, managing and distributing the rescued product for donation to soup kitchens and others)


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