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The PLASTI – VALUES Campaign was born with the aim of providing a “framework” that unites all people in a particular way. This framework is made up of mission, vision and values and is the one that contains all the members of Plastiandino and gives the guidelines to integrate and the limits to move towards a single mission to fulfill.

The Campaign aims to spread the mission and vision of the Company. Promote our values and learn to live them.

It is accompanied by its corresponding graphic and visual support, in addition to permanent reinforcement through internal communication channels of the Company.

The six values: Honesty, Passion, Quality, Innovation, Commitment and Cooperation were chosen and highlighted by the General Management in conjunction with the People Management Consultant that carries out the Campaign. These values are what have allowed the company to transcend to this day, have made it possible for Plastiandino to remain in force and grow day by day with large suppliers and important clients at a national and international level.

On June 29 of this year, it began with practical workshops in which each one of the values was dynamically presented to all the members of Plastiandino.

Once the workshops were finished, a campaign was started for each of the values, with a duration of three weeks each, in which the value is highlighted, behaviors associated with it are sought in each member of the Company, and they generate instances of meeting, communication and recognition according to the outstanding attitudes and behaviors. In this process, the bosses and leaders play a fundamental role, who are in charge of leading the meetings and identifying in their staff the acts that represent each particular value.

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