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At the end of November 2015, Plastiandino acquires a new Rolling Machine of Italian origin: Super Combi 3000 SX L1300, manufactured by the company Nordmeccanica.

The machinery has a Ferrarini & Benelli online corona treatment unit.

It has the capacity to work with solvent-based (Solvent), solvent-free (Solventless) and water-based (Cold seal) adhesives. It contains an adhesive mixing unit (World Mixer) with solvent and without solvent.

This new machinery gives Plastiandino the possibility of being able to work on laminates with a maximum strip width of 1330mm (1315mm of application) and a minimum of 450mm at speeds that range from 250m to 400m per minute, depending on the use or not of the solvents.

In addition, it has a rotogravure car for the application of lacquer or varnish to registration applicable to any product that needs it.

In this way, we are one step further along the path of innovation: broadening horizons in the development of new packaging.

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