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AIMPLAS, ANAIP, ANARPLA, AVEP, CICLOPLAST and PlasticsEurope continue to work on this campaign and present the launch of a video, with the aim of making visible the benefits of plastics with solid data and raising awareness of the importance to recycle correctly to contribute to the circular economy. From Plastiandino we share the proposal and we invite you to internalize yourself in the benefits of plastic by reading the complete note and watching the video that is the final one.

Plastics are essential materials in sectors such as health, food or transport, due to their innumerable advantages, hence the importance of making society aware that their correct use is essential, also at the end of its useful life.

For example, we can see that plastics protect us from viruses thanks to PPE, gloves or masks and offer us applications for some diseases that would be impossible to treat otherwise.

Plastics save lives, not only for their applications in health: thanks to them we also have airbags and seat belts that reduce the risk of fatal injuries by 45% and are fundamental in the equipment of the State Security Bodies and the Firemen.

Regarding packaging, these are the materials that are subject to compliance with the most demanding national and international regulations, so we can say that they are the safest.

Replacing plastics with other types of materials is not an effective solution to waste in the environment, since it deprives society of the benefits and safety they provide, without solving uncivil behavior.

Waste is a valuable resource that, when reused, avoids the manufacture of new materials.


Sources: Plastic Technology and Plastiflex S.A.

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