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On the day of our anniversary, we make a brief tour of these 50 years of experience.

We invite you to get to know us a little more…

On February 14, back in 1972, Rodolfo Bianchi together with his wife, Olga Ueltschi, fulfilled the dream of carrying out their own industrial project. Under the name of "Rodolfo Bianchi and Lady" they began to write their history within the plastic industry, from their plant located at 1250 Day Street in the city of San Rafael.

In its beginnings, the production was oriented to serve the market of shopping bags, but after a few years it specialized as a supplier to industries because the equipment acquired was not suitable for small-scale production.

In February 1977, it changed its corporate form and was renamed "Plastiandino S.A.", a name that since that date has distinguished us in the market.

Over the years and its consolidation as a leader in the printed heat-shrinkable market, the transformed volume increased, so, in November 1998, the industrial plant moved to its current location in the industrial zone of Cuadro Nacional. .

The move not only involved a new building, but also expanded the co-extrusion and flexographic printing capacity with the incorporation of modern equipment of Italian origin. At that time a professional team of 49 employees made up the staff.

We currently have 166 employees and we are a benchmark in the Argentine market for flexible plastic packaging and containers.

All our management is certified under ISO 9001, 14001 and 22000 standards. The industrial process is carried out under state-of-the-art technology, both in terms of transformation, conversion and packaging manufacturing.

As a Company we seek to consolidate our position in the market, not only through the innovation and sustainability of the products we offer and the technology of our processes, but also through the professionalization of management.

Our 50th anniversary finds us in a new investment process. During this year we will receive a new 3-layer co-extruder and a new 8-color flexographic printer. In addition, we will inaugurate the expansion of the ink and thinner warehouse, and the new industrial warehouse to relocate our cutting and rewinding process.

We follow the current trend of the industry and the world to offer increasingly sustainable products on the market. Guided by our purpose:


And as a result of this, we offer our family of EcoFilm products to the market, which provides solutions, based on polyethylene, 100% mechanically recyclable. The developments ECOSUP (doy pack 100% recyclable), ECOTEC (premium bags for the petfood market) or BLUEPACK (heat-shrinkable with 15% recycled material) are a clear example of this commitment.

We toast to these 50 years and from the Company, we want to thank the entire Plastiandino team, customers, suppliers and all those who from their place help, contribute and accompany us on a day-to-day basis so that we continue to grow.

Thank you very much!

Olga Ueltschi and Rodolfo Bianchi, founders of Plastiandino.

Our Plant located at 1250 Day Street. (1972)

Our new Industrial Plant located in the current location. (1998)

Plastiandino today (2021)

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